VSNMT’s BIG GROUP HUG – Healthy Mind and Healthy Body

VSNMT’s BIG GROUP HUG – Healthy Mind and Healthy Body.

Wednesday 10th August from 6:30-7:30pm

Webinar to be presented by Dr Susan Barnett.

Susan's presentation will focus on psychoeducation re identifying burnout and stress then lifestyle strategies that can help reduce stress.

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Dr Susan Barnett is a Gp Psychotherapist and Medical Educator based in Melbourne.

She works in private practice and also is a medical educator for EVGPT (Gp training programme) ASPM ( provides education to Gps regarding psychological medicine) and Black Dog institute (provides education to multidisciplinary teams around important mental health issues.)

Susan is passionate around providing psychoeducation re our "normal" human mind and also practical strategies that can be implemented to promote good mental health wellbeing.