The Victorian Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists is a volunteer not-for-profit entity incorporated in Victoria under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981. The Society is administered in accordance with the law and the organisation's constitution which was ratified in its present format in 1994. The Society governance structure consists of a general committee charged with the overall responsibility for the management of the organisation. This committee administers the affairs of society and formulates strategic direction.

The committee is elected by the members and includes an executive of President, Secretary and Treasurer elected by the committee. In addition, the committee includes representation from undergraduate nuclear medicine technologists who participate in the administration of the society. These student representatives attend committee meetings but do not have voting rights.

Sub-committees of the society have been established to address specific issues. The Nuclear Medicine Supervised Practice Steering Committee of the VSNMT oversees the internship program for graduate technologists in Victoria.

Membership of the Society is within the specific categories set out in the constitution. The membership categories are ordinary members, associate members, and sustaining corporate members.

General Committee 2015

President Mr Evan Read Senior Lecturer, Nuclear Medicine
    Department of Medical Radiations
Secretary Mr Russell Booth Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist
    St Vincents Hospital Melbourne
Treasurer Mr Mark Austin Central/North West Nuclear Medicine Coordinator
Committee Mr Michael Pearson  
  Ms Elizabeth Parkinson  
  Ms Melissa Munro  
  Ms Anna Nowicki  
  Ms Cherann Edwards  
  Mr Hugh Morgan  


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